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Laser Cutting


Moon Fibre Machine, Model 3015 size, with laser power of 1000 W or 1500 W. It can cut Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Coated Stainless steel, high-strength steel, aluminium, brass, and nickel easily.

Fiber Laser

Moon enclosed machine is a high-tech product integrating precision machinery. It is mainly used for cutting and forming metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.

  • Ultraspeed, high efficiency,

  • High precision and very stable running

  • Operating is easy, convenient, and flexible.


Product Introduction

 Moon laser cutting machine adopts the most advanced laser technology and European standard laser cavity. Moon laser cutting machine has its own structure. Our machine is equipped with the latest external water cooling system with very low running noise and a high-accuracy temperature regulator, which provide a reliable guarantee for a long time of running.


​Laser metal cutting machines are widely used in hardware, precise machinery, automobile components, glasses, clocks, and watches, precision cutting, medical equipment, instruments, and other metal-related industries.

3015 model.png

Fiber Laser

  • Lightweight and slim design for fast acceleration and cutting speed,

  • The autofocus system is used for automatic switching and grooving.

  • Drift-free, fast-reacting distance-detecting device

  • Anti-collision design, Height adjustment, and high sensitivity

Fiber Laser

Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine is a high-tech product integrating precision machinery. 

  • Lightweight and slim design for fast acceleration and cutting speed,

  • Monitoring goggles

  • Anti-collision design, height adjustment and high sensitivity

  • Read data via Bluetooth

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