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Make Your Laser Dream A Reality

Professional Laser Solutions

who we are

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of lasers, optics, electro-optics, and mechanical equipment for various industrial and research applications.

Moon Laser team is dedicated to building strong relationships with customers, distributors, vendors, and employees. It's our goal to keep our customers up and running.

Unique Design

All our designs are unique, robust, and easily accessible.

High Quality

Our machines are of better Quality and European standard.

Best Service

We will always give you the best service.


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Fiber lasers stimulate a rare-earth metal known as ytterbium to generate photons at the 1,064 nm wavelength.


UV lasers use a highly absorptive wavelength (355 nm) to mark parts.

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CO2 lasers stimulate CO2 gas to generate wavelengths of 10,600 nm.

Green Laser

Green Laser uses the 532 nm wavelength to offer an ultra-fine laser and very soft marking on parts.

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