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Automatic laser welding

Increase productivity & ROI, reduce labor costs

Laser power


Welding Depth

Wobble Frequency

Spot Size

Power supply


1kw / 1.5kw / 2kw


1-6mm (adjustable)


Φ 0.2-2mm

single phase 220v / 50Hz

SS, CS, Brass, AL , etc

Automatic welding

Moon Laser welding machines are equipped with a CCD monitoring system and advanced control software. Our fibre laser welder provides accurate positioning, auto-focuses on the welding parts, and produces high-tensile, tight seams with top visual quality.

Benefits of Auto laser welding machine

  • Consistent welding results

  • Optimum welding efficiency

  • Improved joining flexibility

  • Quick welding for the Production line 

Automatic laser welding machines boost your factory

  • Create fine welds of consistent quality

  • Create more welding possibilities

Production side brings high welding efficiency

  • Freely adjustable welding speed

  • Welding your workpiece at any angle

Welding efficiency with a robot workstation

  • Boosted efficiency with super welding quality

  • Less labour intensity, reduced electricity consumption.

Main Features

1. Precisely and quickly weld complex parts, logos, metal words, etc.

2. 360° rotation welding, large welding range, and flexible welding in hard-to-reach positions;

3. High electro-optic conversion rate and low energy consumption


  • Fast welding speed, 2~10 times faster than traditional welding.

  • The welding seam is smooth and beautiful, has a small taper, doesn’t need polishing, and saves time.

  • Laser welding has no consumables, low power consumption, and a long service life.

  • Safe, easy operation, and more environmentally friendly.

Application & Welding Samples

Favoured by fabricators of medical equipment, electronics, battery aluminium shells, connectors, hardware accessories, kettles, sinks, clock precision parts, and automobiles.

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