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Fiber Marking 


Mini Mark

Mini Fibre Marker is the best-selling economical and easy-to-use marker, and it is ideal for small productions.

Bench Mark

Best-selling Ergonomic design, fast operation and Comfortable for different materials


Tower Mark

Automatically and safely load, Suitable to work in various environments.

  • Protect operator safety to the greatest extent,

  • Easy software interface for Automation.

  • Fully Automatic and stable running

Fiber Laser Marking

Laser marking is a permanent process that uses a beam of concentrated light to create a lasting mark on a surface. The laser beam of a laser marker is pulsed and releases energy at specific intervals. In one second, a 100W laser releases 100,000 pulses.

As soon as the energy is transformed into heat, the temperature of the material increases until it reaches a critical point where the surface becomes malleable and structurally different from the surrounding material.

MOPA Fiber Laser

Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) fibre lasers are powered using Q-Switch technology. MOPA fibre laser control of the pulse duration also has additional advantages for laser marking on plastics and metals.


Moon Laser can produce coloured markings on steel and black markings on anodized aluminium.


Technical specifications

  • Colour marking stainless steel

Annealing is a process that does not remove material during processing

  • Black marking of Anodised aluminum

The top layer of anodized aluminium is usually removed by a laser to reveal a white mark.

Laser power


Working Area

Repeative Frequency

Scanner speed

Minimum line width

Power supply

Fiber - 20w / 30w / 50w


100x100 - 300x300mm

20-80khz (Optional)



Single phase 220v / 50Hz


Rotating Axis
Rotary device_edited.jpg
  • Cylindrical Axis

  • Rubber Roller Rotary

Indexer Table
  • Auto-Movable 

  • Conveyors Belt

Fume Extractor
Fume Extractor_edited.jpg
  • Gold Collection

  • Carbon Fume

Vision System
  • Product Traceability

  • Online Fly Mark

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