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Laser Cleaning 

Laser clean1.png

Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser power


Cleaning head

Spot Diameter

Fiber cable length

Cleaning width

Cooling type

Power supply

500w / 1kw 

1064nm – 1080nm

Hand held



80mm - 120mm

Water cooled

Single phase 220v/50Hz

Fiber Laser Cleaning

Moon laser cleaning machine is used for metal de-rusting, de-painting, and restoring to obtain the same old physical and chemical behaviour. We offer Laser cleaning solutions with different laser powers depending on the materials and applications.

The most commonly used materials for Laser cleaning are aluminium (anodized, polished, or cast), Stainless steel or mild steel, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Nickel, galvanised Metals, Multi-Coated Materials, Painted Metal Alloys, Cast Iron, Chromium, Carbide, and nonmetals such as Plastics, polypropylene or polycarbonate, Rubber, and PVC.

  • Mechanical friction cleaning

  • Chemical corrosion cleaning

  • Liquid-solid spray cleaning

  • High-frequency ultrasonic cleaning

  • Unparalleled cleaning effects

  • Pollution-free cleaning environment

  • Long-term cleaning stability

  • Superior cleaning efficiency

Main Features

  • Laser power depends on the thickness and depth of the material surface.

  • The Cleaning head is portable, and it operates with an aiming light beam.

  • An air-cooled chilling system will reduce machine weight.

  • Welding post-treatments to remove aluminium and stainless steel oxides.

  • maintenance-free machine, and no consumables are required for operation.

Application & Cleaning Samples

Fabricators of auto parts, rubber moulds, high-end machine tools, tyre moulds, rails, and more use this pulsed laser cleaning machine to handle rust, oil, paints, coatings, oxide layers, resin, etc.

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