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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Economical Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Moon Laser is an economical fibre laser cutter with a small investment that runs at full speed at a low cost. The Economical Sheet Fibre Laser Cutting Machine is a 1000W laser cutting machine specially designed for the advertising industry to cater to the increasing demands of metal advertising products.

The economical and practical laser cutter adopts a high-rigidity enhanced lathe bed, an advanced laser source, and top-rated transmission parts to ensure high-performance cutting.

More Features

  • Practical with low investment and high returns

  • High flexibility, fast processing, and excel at processing complex graphics on different kinds of metal sheets.

  • Non-contact processing, smooth incision, and no need for secondary rework


Technical Specifications

Applied Materials: 

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium Alloy, Galvanised sheet, etc.

Application Industries: 

Sheet metal fabrication, Automobile manufacture, Electrical cabinets, elevators and escalators, Kitchen appliances Metal doors and windows.

Laser power

Working Area

Transmission system

Position speed

Position Accuracy

Power supply



Dual servo rack & pinion


+/- 0.03mm

3 Phase 380v/ 50z

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