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Continuous-wave Laser Cleaning Machine

MOON fibre laser cleaning machine uses our continuous wave laser, which requires no complex and expensive waste disposal. The Cw laser cleaner removes tough oil stains, rust layers, and residual paints from metal surfaces effortlessly. Our continuous fibre laser cleaner is ideal for large-area cleaning, such as large steel structures and pipes.

CW Laser Cleaning machine 

Laser power


Cleaning head

Spot Diameter

Fiber cable length

Cleaning width

Power supply

1kw / 2kw 

1064nm – 1080nm

Hand held



10mm - 60mm

Single phase 220v/50Hz

Laser cleaning: eco-friendly technology, wider application

  • Unparalleled cleaning effects

  • Pollution-free cleaning environment

  • Long-term cleaning stability

  • Superior cleaning efficiency

  • Non-contact cleaning; no damage to parent material

  • Precise cleaning of large areas, efficiency, and good surface cleanliness

  • No cleaning agents are required; safe and environmental protection

Main Features

  • Portable cleaning head, 

  • Aiming Red Light beam.

  • Maintenance free machine,

  • No consumables for operation.

Application & Cleaning Samples

Fabricators of large steel structures, pipelines, mobile parts, aircraft skins, and metal towers, this CW laser cleaning machine handles rust, oil, paints, coatings, oxide layers, resin, etc.

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