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UV Marking


Mini UV Mark

Moon UV marking with its wavelength 355nm is suitable for marking on plastics, ABS, PA, etc.


Bench UV Mark

Most suitable for fine marking and structuring without thermal impact on glass applications and ceramics.

UV Laser Marking

  • Moon UV laser marking will mark plastics and silicon materials without the need for additives and will also mark glass with a drastically reduced risk of microfracture.

  • Our lasers have excellent beam quality and can be utilised in micromarking applications such as electronics, circuit boards, and microchips, in addition to solar panels and precise medical marking applications.

Materials used:

LCD, wafer, chip ceramic, sapphire, precise surface marking of other materials, 3C electronics, Lamps, food packages, wire rod, leather, ceramic, PCV, glass, Phone cases, medicine bottles, fine marking on glass substrates, electric appliance marking, and so on. ​

Technical specifications


  • Small beam diameter and a fine marking line.

  • Good quality and easy operation.

  • Suitable for sensitive materials as a cold light source.

  • Narrow pulse width, a small heat-affected zone, and a workpiece without damage.

Laser power


Working Area

Repeative Frequency

Scanner speed

Minimum line width

Power supply

UV - 3w / 5w


100x100mm - 300x300mm




Single phase 220v / 50Hz

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