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Co2 Marking

Co2 Mini Mark

Co2 wavelength of 10.6µm laser markers provide a best-in-class solution for a wide range of non-metal applications.

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Co2 Bench Mark

  • Bench machines come with the fastest speed and high precision, accuracy, and reliability.

  • Our laser has stable power output, marking precision, repeatability, and a longer life.

Co2 Laser Marking

Moon Co2 laser marking is specially developed for the non-metal marking industry. This machine is equipped with an original RF laser source and a high-speed galvanometer. Co2 laser markers use a high-quality metal laser tube that has a stable power output, marking precision, repeatability, and a longer life.


Garment and shoe engraving, fabric cutting, handicrafts and gifts, food printing, soft drink printing, beverage, rubber marking, acrylic marker, marking on plastic, leather engraving industries, automobile industries, personal care products, medical packaging, crystal, organic glass, paper cutting, dual colour board, ceramic, coated metals, and many more

Material used:


  • Machine speed is extremely high, with excellent marking quality.

  • The machine can be in operation 24 X 7.

  • The software works with windows operating system and is compatible with file format such as .plt, .dxf, .bmp, .pcw & others saved by CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, Photoshop etc.

Technical specifications

Laser power


Working Area

Repeative Frequency

Scanner speed

Minimum line width

Power supply

Co2 - 20w / 30w


100x100 - 300x300mm




Single phase 220v/50Hz

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