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 Hardware Industry:

Hardware Tools 

Mainly used in hardware tools marking, high speed marking, value-added products and enhance the effectiveness with security; laser welding can also be used metal tools solder alloy, steel, copper and other materials, fine processing technology, high efficiency.

Typical application:

Marking : marking hardware tools.

Welding: hardware welding.

Cutting: sheet & tube cutting.

Cleaning: rust & oil part removing

Medical Industry
Moon Laser marking systems have the ability to mark consistently high-quality barcodes, serial numbers, logos, certifications, and other important identifying information on your parts. Package date coding for pharmaceuticals becomes more and more important every day as a way to combat counterfeiting, track shipments, and verify birth dates.

Surgical equipment:

Trays, Moulds, Syringes, stenting, Tubing, Dental products, Orthopaedic products, and other medical devices

Main products: Fiber Laser marking machine | Laser welding machine | laser cleaning machine |

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