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High Precision

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Moon Laser Cutting Machine model 3015 has a laser power of 2000 w to 20 kw. Our machine features a durable rack-and-pinion motion system and a lightweight gantry with synchronised dual servo motors. It can provide cutting speeds of 20 m/min and a rapid speed of 140 m/min with 1.5 G acceleration.

It can cut Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Coated Stainless steel, high-strength steel, aluminium, brass, and nickel easily.

Technical Specification

More Features:

  • Auto-up and down chain-type parallel pallets system

  • Superior precision and great efficiency

  • Easy operation and free maintenance

  • Auto edge-seeking and smart collision prevention

  • Save feeding time and labour.

  • Fastest speed of pallet exchanging

Laser power

Working Area

Transmission system

Position speed

Position Accuracy


Power supply



Dual servo rack& pinion




3 Phase 380v/ 50z

Switzerland Raytools Cutting Head​

  • Auto-focusing.

  • Contamination-proof

  • Built-in double cooling design

  • Optimised structure design

High Rigidity Enhanced Lathe Bed

  • High-temperature annealing treatment.

  • super stable even at high power cutting.

  • High strength and rigidity, 

  • Bed made of high-purity steel plate with a thickness of over 10mm,

Cast Aluminum Beam

  • High-grade aviation aluminium crossbeam

  • High-temperature resistance improves running stability.

  • Light weight, high responsiveness, and great accuracy

Professional Sheet Cutting System

  • Integrating CAD, Nest, and CAM modules in one

  • An intuitive operation system with touch control simplifies your laser cutting process.

Fiber Laser Source​

  • 100,000 hours of lifetime, free maintenance

  • High electro-optical conversion rate and excellent beam quality.

  • Low electricity consumption greatly reduces your costs.

  • Optional Laser fiber source Raycus, IPG, Max, SPI.

S&A Industrial Water Chiller​

  • Automatically adjust the temperature according to the work environment.

  • Intelligent dual control mode provides effective temperature control solutions for fiber lasers in all directions.

  • Multiple alarm protection guarantees safe and continuous production.

Main Features

  • Fibre laser source: very low power consumption and extremely low operating costs

  • Sync-Dual servo rack and pinion transmission system,

  • Autolubrication is enabled on machines to ensure smooth functioning without wear and tear.

  • Control panel: All switch gears from Siemens,

  • Isolated HV protection is specially built to work in Harsh Electrical conditions.

World Class CNC Parts​

Japan YASKAWA servo motor
Japan SHIMPO reducer
Taiwan PMI Slide Rail
Taiwan YYC rack and pinion


Applied Materials:  Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum Alloy, Galvanized sheet, etc.

Application Industries:  Sheet metal fabrication, Automobile manufacture, Electrical cabinet, Elevator and escalator, Kitchen appliance Metal doors and windows

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