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Automobile & Defense

Automotive Industry

Moon Laser can be applied to various components such as steering wheels, bearings, steel sleeves, piston rings, engines, vehicle signs, tyres, glass, electrical appliances, interior body parts, and other small parts.

Laser marking can be used to mark various information, including bar codes, digital 2D bar codes, serial numbers, production dates, shift codes, trademarks, sheet cutting, welding, cleaning, etc.

Identifying characteristics:

End mills, Drill bits, Cutting tools, CNC inserts, Consumer hand tools, Pipes, Tubing, Flanges, the oil and gas industry, etc.

Defense system:

Moon Laser Marking machines all aerospace parts permanently marked and traceable per the Electronic Code Identification and Registration Marking.


  • Traceable marks for all varieties of the aeronautics industry.

  • Helicopter parts, aeroplane parts, rocket parts, etc.

Customize solutions:

Moon Laser is a flexible laser system that is specifically configured and equipped to fulfil the customer´s requirements. Our expert team develops laser-customised designs, and we work closely with our customers requirements. Robotics, multi-position dialling, Conveyor belts, Tag feeders, etc.

Our Team

Processing methods and typical applications:

Marking: Marking auto parts, car stereo buttons marking, auto marking label, seal

Welding: Welding the tubing, the sensor welding, soldering airbag squib

The main products: Automotive label marking machine | Laser welding machine | fiber laser marking machine |


Automotive keys


Instrument panels

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Automotive parts

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Copper rings

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